Game Development & The Casual Scene

ludoOne of the things about the game development scene that I have noticed, especially here in Ireland is how casual it can be. Companies from all over Ireland will generally get together at various different events and exchange tips, horror stories, success stories, what they think is right and what they think is wrong. From what I have seen and from talking to various different people in the industry around the world is that this is a common occurence. When teams attend game jams or game making competitions often staff from one company will team up with staff from another company which leads to a very dynamic work flow. Sometimes people will even work on both teams at the same time.

This as a result leads to other companies adopting different design processes and possibly even changing any particular companies preferred software due to their eyes being opened to something different or something better. People obviously learn from each other and adapt. Whether it is how to implement multiplayer or how best to monetize your game , people just like sharing.

This is a fascinating approach when you think of it. I mean where else would you see a room full of people from competing companies exchanging tips and tricks of how to make it  as a company. Most companies out there generally advertise to why they are better than someone else where as in the game dev industry and specifically the indie game dev community the companies do whatever they can to help their fellow devs.

A prime example of this will be shown this Friday at dubLudo 10 organised by Owen Harris from bitSmith Games. For those who don’t know dubLudo is a casual meet up for game developers in Ireland inspired by a similar event in London where devs get together in a suitable space and show each other the games they are creating whether it’s a 2 day old prototype or a week from release super polished project. The devs all give and receive feedback while having a few laughs and a few cold beers. It is also a great opportunity for solo devs looking for jobs to network and meet people in the industry.

As a big backer of this system I implore every one of you to share your knowledge, talk to your colleagues, give advice and take it when you can. This way we all grow not only as an industry but also as individuals.



Jamie O’ Flanagan

“The All Spark”

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