Game development sim’s anti-piracy DRM is piracy

Game Dev Tycoon from Greenheart Games might just go down in history as having the most ironic DRM ever. The game sees players tasked with running a videogame company from the inception of gaming all the way through to the future. The reason the game is currently grabbing headlines across the web is not just because its great fun – which it is, by the way. No, its fame is partly due to an incredibly clever form of digital rights management.

Players who choose to pirate the game using torrent software or sharing websites might find the game more difficult as their games will be pirated in the sim itself. There are purportedly lines of code within the game which determine the games source. If it’s deemed to come from an untrustworthy part of the web, the game will ensure that the players in-game creations will be pirated, making the game ultra-realistic, but decidedly more difficult.

This is a humourous and attention grabbing form of DRM and will hopefully see Game Dev Tycoon get the sales that it deserves. What’s your take on this? Is all DRM negative? Or does this show how companies can handle anti-piracy measures in a clever and tasteful way?

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