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Here at GameSparks, we love World Cup summers and are looking forward to the start of the competition in a couple of weeks time.  This World Cup is special for us (we didn’t exist for the last one) as we have a number of football themed games launching on the GameSparks platform at this time.  The first of these is a new twist on fantasy football from FLIP Sports.

flip sports gamesparks

FLIP Sports is a peer-to-peer fantasy league game played on mobile or tablet in real-time during a live football match.  The game is similar to a traditional fantasy league game except the challenge only lasts for the duration of a live game rather than an entire season.

Real-life footballers are awarded or deducted points in real-time based on their actions during the game and the winner is whoever has accumulated the most fantasy points based on the performance of the footballers in their fantasy team.  Additional in-game strategy features give the player the opportunity to increase their fantasy points during the match and live chat allows the banter to flow between opponents.

flip sports gamesparks

Developed by Lemon Moose Games for FLIP Sports, the game makes extensive use of the GameSparks’ backend to support a number of the game’s features.  In-game currency, wagering, player-to-player banter or chat, fantasy points and challenge management are all out-of-the-box GameSparks features for the game.  This game also makes use of real-time data supplied from a third party  (OPTA) in order to link the performance of a real-life player to the fantasy point system in the game and for this, GameSparks’ file processing capabilities were enhanced to manage the real-time processing of several different file types in parallel, ingesting the data and preparing it so that it could be consumed by the game.

The game is being beta-released for the World Cup with general release planned for the start of the Premiership Season in August.

  • vic

    Thats really cool stuff. It looks like something along the lines of FanVictor.com. Which is a plugin for WordPress and phpfox sites so site owners can create their own fantasy game. I believe FanLucci.com is using it.

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