Develop Conference In Brighton


Hey there fellow sparks. Jamie “The All Spark” O’ Flanagan checking in.

Very exciting times here at GameSparks. A lot of big things happening behind closed doors and as usual we are working hard bringing games as a service to the world. One of those things we are doing is going to the Develop Conference 2014 which is on in Hilton Metropole Hotel in Brighton from July 8th to the 10th.

Gamesparks Update show

Over 1,600 developers attended last year’s conference so we are expecting to meet a lot of people this year. We have a booth at the expo where some of the other sparks and I will be there for anyone who wants to come over for a chat and talk about GameSparks or what you guys are doing. We are always interested to hear the projects other people are working on so please come up to us and show us your games/apps/wearable’s or whatever else you might be working on.



On top of us attending the event we are also attending the award show in which we are nominated in the category of Technical Innovation. We are up against some big hitters like The Oculus Rift, Sony and their Project Morpheus device, NVidia Shield and many others. It is obviously a tough category but we are very proud of the GameSparks platform and believe we are in with a chance of winning.

So like I said, if you see us well then come and say hello we are happy to chat and wish us luck at the awards.

That’s me signing off. Feel free to follow me on twitter here.






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