Develop Awards 2014


Hello there all you beautiful people. Jamie “The All Spark” O’ Flanagan here with some big GameSparks news.

We just got the word that we are nominated for an award at the Develop Awards in July in the category of Technical Innovation. We are up against some big names as well. Here is the list of our category:

Technical Innovation

  • Kinect Sports Rivals’ Champion Scanning – Rare
  • GameSparks cloud services – GameSparks
  • DI4D head-mounted capture system – Dimensional Imaging
  • Nvidia Shield – Nvidia
  • Oculus Rift DK2 – Oculus VR
  • PlayCanvas – PlayCanvas
  • PowerVR Ray Tracing GPUs – Imagination Technologies
  • Project Morpheus – Sony Computer Entertainment

Needless to say we are extremely excited. The fact that we are in the category with some big hitters like Sony’s Project Morpheus and The Oculus Rift which we are all big fans of here at GameSparks is a huge honour. Being nominated alongside these pioneers and visionaries of the future of games is fantastic but we also feel we fit into this bracket as well. One day all games will run in the cloud and the GameSparks platform is at the forefront of that.

Games as a Service - Unleash the power of the cloud

Will we win? Maybe we will but as they say in the Oscars, it’s great just to be nominated.

The Develop Awards 2014 will take place on the evening of Wednesday, July 9th, once again held at the Brighton Metropole Hotel. We will be in attendance and are looking forward to it.

What do you think, does GameSparks deserve to win? Feel free to comment below and tell us your thoughts.

wining awar

That’s me signing off until next time.

Jamie “The All Spark” O’ Flanagan



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