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Developers have a passion for games that most cannot beat, they engross themselves within virtual worlds of fantasy and fiction. I’d challenge anyone to match the levels of excitement felt by an indie developer beginning the journey to transform a once distant pipe dream into a gaming reality. Unfortunately, persuading players of the world to

Xbox One announcement leaves games developers feeling neglected


There has been so much news and commentary about the Xbox One over the last few days that I felt compelled to contribute my own view. The Xbox’s biggest competitor is obviously the PS4.  However, if this was all Microsoft were thinking about then they would have made some bolder moves towards games developers and

There ARE too few women in games


At the Games Horizon event in Newcastle yesterday I watched an uncomfortable session when Chi Onwurah MP spoke about women (or rather, lack of them) in the games industry.  The hostility towards her was understandable because she appeared to be scolding.  But the substance of her arguments was right.

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