Corona Labs Welcomes GameSparks to the Plugin Suite


Corona Labs, the 2D mobile development platform that is passionate about empowering developers to build the best games and apps possible, recently announced the addition and immediate availability of GameSparks to their extensive plugin suite. Like Corona, GameSparks dedicates itself to accelerating the development process, and is passionate about enabling triple-A and independent developers alike to build

Writing a Highly Scalable, Server-Authoritative Game – Part 4


In the previous articles, we discussed the benefits of server authoritative design, and minimizing network and hardware IO to enable your game to scale effectively to many millions of players. Now, let’s take a look at how you make sure you’ve done all of that correctly. It’s test time!   Test under load The only

Writing a Highly Scalable, Server-Authoritative Game – Part 3


In the previous instalment of the ‘writing a highly scalable, server-authoritative game’ series, we looked at optimizing client-server communication, and ensuring your communications won’t prevent scaling of your game to millions of players. Now, let’s look at some server-side techniques for ensuring that your code won’t become a bottleneck when you are handling large numbers

PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator: How to Keep up with the Kardashians


  PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator, developed by Montreal-based Outerminds, is the latest game created in collaboration with the world’s most famous Swedish YouTuber, media brand Revelmode, and GameSparks, which upon launch sent the internet berserk – going on to smash the seven day install record for a celebrity branded mobile game. PewDiePie smashes the seven day

Tips for Writing a Highly Scalable, Server-Authoritative Game – Part 2


In the previous post, we explored how building a server authoritative game can offer huge advantages to developers, including quick and easy control over in-game functionality, fraud and cheat detection/prevention, and providing reliability and consistency between connected peers.  We also saw how using an authoritative server can help you to deal with unexpected issues and

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