A Word on Latency (wait for it…)


For many games, latency (the time taken from making a request to receiving a response) is, or should be, a major consideration. Latency can have many contributing factors, but generally can be classified into two main categories: computer latency and network latency.   At GameSparks, we understand these concerns and our service is architected from

Latest Features Rundown


Since launching back in 2013, GameSparks has consistently worked with a one-track mind: to provide developers with the most comprehensive tool-set available, enabling them to create anything imaginable to better engage with their players and produce a truly immersive and compelling gameplay experience. As part of a continuous effort to ease the development process, the GameSparks team

iSlash Heroes – Your Fate is at Your Fingertips


Back in 2010 Duello Games, an independent development studio based in Istanbul, formed with the desire to create beautiful games with a nail-bitingly addictive edge. Their first title iSlash became a worldwide hit within a few short months, reaching 30 million downloads and still climbing today. After using GameSparks, the Backend-as-a-Service, to produce other successful

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