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Game Producers and their Battle for Retention


O Captain! My Captain! Steering the ship through a quagmire of looming deadlines, dwindling budgets and all sorts of other bumps and blocks, the role of a producer is one of many challenges. They must ensure development is running smoothly and communication is flowing between departments, but the biggest challenge of all is boosting the

Data Persistence on the GameSparks Platform


GameSparks aims to remove roadblocks from the development process, saving developers time, money and talent whilst enabling them to deepen engagement with their players. In order to maximise every game’s potential, we are producing a series of posts to show all of the best practices involved with GameSparks, ensuring all of our users can take

Looking at In-Game Currencies


The approach to making and monetizing free to play games is constantly in flux. The market continues to grow and new contenders are always attempting to shake up the formula. Today we’re going to be looking at currencies in free to play games, how they define your in-game economy, the different approaches to implementing them

Case Study: Nosferatu 2 from smuttlewerk Interactive


On the back of a lot of activity in Europe we wanted to share the story of one of our first German customers who will be launching with us later this month.     smuttewerk interactive is a German based developer who has had critical acclaim with a number of its games. In particular their

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