Live Game Operations

Live Ops: Managing Your Game to Maximise User Retention and Engagement


  So you’ve made your game.   Countless hours spent coding, drawing, compiling, then testing. Finding a bug, and doing it all again. You and your team are tired but elated as you hit the final ‘submit build’ button. Off it goes into the big wide world. You crack open a beer to celebrate.  

GameSparks Latest Features Rundown


Here at GameSparks we are constantly striving for perfection, relentlessly improving our platform to give developers the greatest tools possible to create and manage the server-side components of their amazing gaming creations. In fact, our bright Sparks have been so busy expanding and refining the service, there simply hasn’t been enough hours in the day

User Acquisition, the coal that keeps the mobile fire burning


User Acquisition has become a huge industry in the mobile game space in recent years. As more and more developers try to make it big on the App Store the business of generating a user base for new games has exploded. Nowadays it’s almost impossible to break into the Top Charts without a significant investment

New year, new features from GameSparks


It’s the new year and traditionally a time for looking ahead and, in that vein, we are going to talk a little about the new features that we have been working on over recent months with several of our customers and that we will be rolling out for general release over the coming weeks. For

GameSparks FAQ


Q&A session cross posted from GameSparks is a cloud-based solution for game developers that helps them to build their server-side components without ever having to set up and run a server. GameSparks launched its service in August 2012 and co-founder and CMO John Griffin says that progress has been excellent. “We now have thousands

Games as a Service: Unleash the power of the Cloud


Are you working with Unity? Unleash the power of the cloud by integrating Unity with GameSparks’ complete Games-as-a-Service platform.  Integration is straight forward. Our service is completely free up until you hit 10,000 MAUs.     What is Games as a Service? Games as a Service is a different way of thinking in the games industry and relates

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