Ex-Goat Simulator Developers Expand the Reach of Animal Super Squad with Cross-Platform Play


Goat Simulator, described by its creators as “a small, broken and stupid game that was made in a couple of weeks”, became an overnight hit, selling millions of copies worldwide. And now, lead designer Armin Ibrisagic is continuing to explore virality in games by launching Animal Super Squad with Double Moose Games. Like its predecessor,

Stability at Scale with the GameSparks Game Data Service


When developing games for scale, one of a developer’s key considerations is the database layer. As players defeat enemies, submit leaderboard scores, earn gold, and unlock achievements, events must be written to a database so information is securely stored and your player’s progress is saved. This write-heavy nature of gaming applications, plus the high-speed performance

The Next Generation of GameSparks Reaches General Release!


On the 6th of February 2017, we publicly announced that plans were well underway to bring GameSparks into a new and exciting era, releasing our newly enhanced platform in the form of a public beta. Today, 2 months after the beta release was made available, we are extremely proud to declare the End-of-Life (EOL) of

PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator: How to Keep up with the Kardashians


  PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator, developed by Montreal-based Outerminds, is the latest game created in collaboration with the world’s most famous Swedish YouTuber, media brand Revelmode, and GameSparks, which upon launch sent the internet berserk – going on to smash the seven day install record for a celebrity branded mobile game. PewDiePie smashes the seven day

GameSparks Launches Real-Time Services for Unity and C++


  The GameSparks platform has long offered an arsenal of social and multiplayer tools to developers, seeing them add deeply collaborative and competitive elements to their PC, console and mobile games, all without having to dedicate a huge amount of time and talent to set up and maintain their own servers.   Now, with our

Introducing MongoDB 3.2 Update for Live Environment


As part of our commitment to continually improving the stability, scalability and functionality of the GameSparks platform, and following the successful deployment of MongoDB 3.2 to our Preview environment,we are very pleased to announce the upgrade of our Live environment to use MongoDB 3.2. The upgrade to MongoDB 3.2 contains a number of new features and

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