Android and the fight for your living room


When the iPhone broke into (and established) the mobile gaming market back in 2007, a new era of console war was born. Many hardcore games enthusiasts would boast that while mobile platforms could deliver some great bite-sized fun, they couldn’t deliver traditional hardcore experiences. This was first challenged by Epic Games and Chair whose Infinity

Xbox One announcement leaves games developers feeling neglected


There has been so much news and commentary about the Xbox One over the last few days that I felt compelled to contribute my own view. The Xbox’s biggest competitor is obviously the PS4.  However, if this was all Microsoft were thinking about then they would have made some bolder moves towards games developers and

There ARE too few women in games


At the Games Horizon event in Newcastle yesterday I watched an uncomfortable session when Chi Onwurah MP spoke about women (or rather, lack of them) in the games industry.  The hostility towards her was understandable because she appeared to be scolding.  But the substance of her arguments was right.

Top 10 Games: A list of my top 10 games of all time


Confession.  I am a lister.  I love making lists.  Recently I have been re-reading Replay by Tristan Donovan which is a history of video games and for those of you born pre 80’s, it is a wonderful trip down memory lane.  It’s nearly Friday, so I figured why not do something really quite indulgent and

1 Bn MAUs: Who will be the first to reach this staggering total?


HeyZap have just taken the bold – and very helpful – step to publish what they believe are the most accurate statistics for DAUs and MAUs by both game and developer / publisher on Android.  And wow are they remarkable!  You can find them on and below is a snapshot of the data.   This basically highlights that

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