BaaS Alive and Well with GameSparks

Last week’s announcement by Facebook that their Parse service will close down will have been a shock to many, and will cause significant disruption.  The silver-lining, however, is that it gives Parse’s customers the opportunity to migrate to a more powerful, fit-for-purpose BaaS service and in time we will look back on this as a key evolutionary moment for the sector.

Let us explain…

When GameSparks launched back in 2013, we took a different approach to some of our competitors in the market – and still do. Our mission is to enable our customers to better engage with their customers, which translates to a rewarding and compelling gaming and app experience.

To turn this mission into reality, one of our core principles is that we do not try to make developers’ decisions for them. GameSparks is not a prescriptive service, rather we provide a highly flexible, configurable and extensible platform that allows developers to build their games and apps in the fashion that they choose without being artificially constrained by a narrow feature set.

Parse certainly helped create the BaaS market, but as it has matured the demand for a flexible, enterprise-grade toolset has grown greater. GameSparks is naturally positioned to meet this demand. As game and app requirements have matured, a full-feature BaaS is the next logical step for serious publishers and developers.

Many of the apps migrating from Parse will move to the newly open-sourced Parse Server. This may be suitable as a stop-gap, or for those prepared to invest in maintenance and new features, but it’s not a long term solution.

By moving from Parse to Parse Server, a developer will already lose essential features that are core to the GameSparks platform – analytics, a management dashboard, IAP verification, scheduled tasks, push notifications, callbacks and authentication with social and gaming networks.

Few apps or games will be able to survive without those features, so do you want to build them yourself? Instead, you can rely on a trusted, proven, enterprise-class platform like GameSparks that also offers premium features including Leaderboards, Segmentation and Multiplayer out of the box.


We strongly believe that the BaaS market is maturing. As publishers and developers, you want – and need – the next level of services to enable you to engage with your customers, and GameSparks is the service to help you do that.

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