100 Billion Dollars

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Hello all you beautiful people. Jamie “The All Spark” O’ Flanagan here.

Our summer is finally here in Ireland. For those who are not familiar we only get 1 maybe 2 days a year of summer and it arrived today Friday the 16th of May. Drink it in as it won’t last forever.
Not only that but another ray of sunshine in the games industry that was just announced as part of Digi-Capital’s Global Games Investment Review 2014 shows the international games market will rocket past the $100 Billion mark in the next three years to reach $102.9 Billion by 2017.
That is a staggering figure. $100 billion dollars. Doctor evil was laughed at for requesting that much.

100 billion


This year the global games industry is expected to make about $82 billion approximately. So an increase of $20 billion dollars in 3 years is just amazing. It shows how much people love games and are willing to spend money on them.
Let’s do a small breakdown. According to zdnet.com $100 billion can get you one of the following:

  • Approx 200 million iPads for every U.S. school and college student
  • 33.3 billion Starbucks caffé lattes
  • Pay off the UK’s budget £43.94 billion ($69.6 billion) deficit
  • Buy 59 gift-wrapped Space Shuttle Endeavours (this is what I’d do)
  • Buy 3,600 islands worth $25 million each, like Dark Island, Vermont
  • Bail out Greece in the height of their debt


“Space Shuttle Endeavour”

What does this mean for GameSparks? Well for one, we are in the most profitable industry in the world. More importantly we are in an industry that cares about games enough that in one generation we evolved the industry to what it is now.
Working with like-minded dedicated people like we do makes it seem like it’s not work at all. We love it. We love watching peoples games evolve and helping companies with their development of their backend and guiding them to their release and supporting them post launch.

So if you want that support and are looking for a backend service , feel free to sign up to GameSparks for free now we support Unity, Flash and many more. It’s free and we will support you every step of the way and you can get some of that $102 Billion dollars


That’s me signing off until next time.

Jamie “The All Spark” O’ Flanagan


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