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Top 10 Real-Time Multiplayer Games on Mobile


We’re obsessed by the advances in technology that have made Real-Time Multiplayer games on mobile what they are today. The many variables that developers can’t control and yet still have to accommodate for, such as where a player is, what online connection they’re using and so on, makes developing Real-Time Multiplayer games for mobile an

What Developers can Learn from the Mistakes of Pokémon GO


Pokémon GO achieved world domination before being officially available in every country. A mass explosion of people can now be found roaming the streets with but one goal to be achieved, “Gotta catch’em all!”   Although millions of Pokémon GO players have embraced the nostalgic and addictive sensation, they have also had to endure many bumps and

Bring Power over Pandemonium with Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade


After receiving official licensing from Games Workshop, Pixel Toys, a British development team possessing years of experience from companies such as Activision, CodeMasters, freestyle games and Sony, have created an on-rails shooter like no other that brings power over pandemonium, unleashing waves of destruction onto the dystopian sci-fi universe of Warhammer 40,000. Armoured as an

FRZ: Free Racing Zero – Do You Have What it Takes?


SixMinute, an independent development studio founded in the heart of Dublin by former members of none other than PopCap Games, have brought wheel-screeching, arcade-style racing back into the world and onto our screens with their new rubber burning title, “FRZ: Free Racing Zero”. Over the years we have seen an endless stream of racing games

Poker Heroes: Coming to a fortress near you!


Fat Rascal Games, an independent game studio comprised of 4 of the senior members of Zynga games, have pulled off the impossible by creating one of the most innovative poker / RPG mash ups ever seen. Fat Rascal Games have taken the traditional game of poker and catapulted it into a post-apocalyptic warzone inhabited by a ragtag

User Acquisition, the coal that keeps the mobile fire burning


User Acquisition has become a huge industry in the mobile game space in recent years. As more and more developers try to make it big on the App Store the business of generating a user base for new games has exploded. Nowadays it’s almost impossible to break into the Top Charts without a significant investment

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