GameSparks empowers

The Game Development Team

Broad feature set

GameSparks is a cloud-based platform on which to build ALL the server-side components of your game, including Player Management, Social, Multiplayer, Economies and Catalogue Management, and Meta-Game systems.

Absolute flexibility

All features are fully customisable, and you can create any custom API and write any custom server logic. You have full database access, and sophisticated access control for different users.

Rapid integrations

A broad range of third party integrations plus custom additions on request.

Live Operations

Enjoy peace of mind in fast growth environments, with dynamic scaling, best-in-class IaaS deployment (AWS and Azure), and our 24-7 Operations Centre.


A best-in-class support experience both in development and post-launch.

GameSparks empowers

The Game Management Team

Manage Players

Full, customisable access to player history and summaries, and flexible communication to those players via multiple channels.

Segment & Optimise

Dashboard analytics to monitor overall game performance, and deeper analytics to understand behaviours by segment. Your game can then be configured specifically by segment, with automated A/B testing to drive iterative optimisation.

Deliver Events, Promotions and Campaigns

Operate events and promotions, and run campaigns, exploiting advanced segmentation and player management. Create customised, access-controlled 'operator' screens to improve workflows and efficiencies.

Transparency & Flexibility

Every event is recorded, accessible and changeable – make parameters server-authoritative to deliver ultimate control.


Collaborate with your development team to create bespoke control screens that reduce complexity and deliver day-to-day independence to the game management team.

Broad Compatibility

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