What Is GameSparks?


Use multiplayer, chat, leaderboards, challenges and social network integrations to drive engagement and retention


Add multiplayer to your game using GameSparks multiplayer features which support both realtime and turn-based multiplayer modes


Build meta-game and monetisation with currencies, virtual goods, in-app purchases, rewards and achievements

Optimisation and Management

Get the most from your game with player management, notifications, custom analytics, segmentation, and operator screens


Access under the hood with custom API, cloud code and database-as-a-service

Cross-platform and compatible

Full support for iOS, Android, Windows, PC and consoles and compatible with all major front end tools

Why Use GameSparks?

Everything you need at the backend

A single, comprehensive tool that can be used by your entire team to configure, manage and optimise your game

Slash Server-Side Time and Cost

Avoid the burden of building in-house and go live for a fraction of the cost.

You stay in control

Gamesparks is fully customisable, open
and extensible

Peace of mind

Successful games get big fast - our best-in-class operations team ensures performance at any scale

Enterprise-grade services

Meeting the requirements of ambitious studios for dedicated infrastructure, SLA, implementation support and custom integrations

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Broad Compatibility

Latest Blog Post

Take Control With GameSparks Region Selector

This week’s release has unleashed a whole host of new features onto the GameSparks platform, all of which add increasingly valuable tools to a developer’s kit. One of these additions, the Region Selector, places even more control in the hands of the developer, giving them the ability to select a specific geographic region that will host their game once live. Having several geographically located clusters allows GameSparks to place each game in a location that best suits the majority of its targeted players. The closer a game is to its players, the lower the latency, so increasing the game’s speed and performance. Previously, GameSparks would make an informed decision about where best to situate a…

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