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Slash server-side time and cost

GameSparks ensures you keep your costs to a minimum whether they be intial set-up or recurring fees

Stay in control

GameSparks is fully customisable, open and extensible

Operate in-game economies

Manage currencies, virtual goods, in-app purchases and achievements


Extensive social features such as multiplayer, chat, leaderboards and notifications to help you increase engagement and retention

Play cross-platform and cross OS

Full support for iOS, Android, Windows, PC and consoles

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gamesparks leaderboards social game features space invaders

Leaderboards – The original and best social feature

  Leaderboards are probably the oldest social feature used in games and are used to increase the level of competition amongst players by ranking them in a variety of ways with the aim of generating more game play.  Space Invaders, which was first released in 1978, is reputed to be the first game to use them and since then the majority of games have followed suit with leaderboards being, by far, the most commonly deployed social feature in games today.  Microsoft mandates that all Xbox Live games have leaderboards and 90% of mobile games across all platforms reportedly use them.  

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